Fundal anaesthesia

Wing Needle

Wing Needle For Hysteroscopic Intrauterine Anaesthesia helps to reduce the pain associated with distension and / or manipulation of the uterine cavity during hysteroscopic gynecological procedures.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer: Idoman Teoranta

Product details

Wing Needles innovative design allows the Wing needle to be safely introduced through the 5-French working channel of any standard operative hysteroscope.

  • Needle tip wing design blocks deep penetration into uterine wall, significantly decreasing risk of perforation
  • Length of needle tip is 5mm; unique curved design allows for easier access to base of pathology and tubal ostia
  • Visible markings every 3mm allow for easy measurement of intrauterine pathology

“Through a combination of a paracervical block and a fundal block, the latter placed in the submucosal myometrium during the preoperative hysteroscopy, it is possible to establish a globally active local anaesthesia, the “Global–Local”,which makes procedures such as endometrial ablation safely performable in a low-tech out-of-hospital office setting with very little discomfort to the patient and without need of additional anaesthetics, sedatives and tranquilizing agents, anaesthesiological support or recovery facilities.”

1. Skensved, H. Global-local anaesthesia: combining paracervical block with intramyometrial prilocaine in the fundus significantly reduces patients’ perception of pain during radio-frequency endometrial ablation (Novasure®) in an office setting.Gynecol. Surg (2012); 9:207-212.

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