Single use gynae tray


Product code:  JUNE5505 

The single-use kit (always sharp and nothing missing!) kit you need for MVA’s, Coils, Endometrial ablations (Thermablate) as well as many other Gynae procedures.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer: Pennine Healthcare

When we realised the cost and impact on clinics (£25-£60!) to resterilize their little gynae trays, we thought we could do it better.

Product details:

Our new cost effective, single-use, Gynaecology Outpatient Kit will only cost you £23, bringing your a saving of anywhere from £10 to £370 per day, leading to a potential saving of over £90,000 per year. And even better: every kit is clean, complete, sharp and safe. Made in the UK, the quality is outstanding. It works very well as the kit you need for MVAs, Mirena Coils, Novasure or Thermablate Endometrial Ablation.

‘This is exactly what we were looking for! It is so nice to always have dilators that are a complete set — ours always seem to miss one!’ Maria Sousa, Theatre Nurse, St Mary’s Hospital, Charing Cross, Imperial College

What is included:

• Spongeholder
• Gallipot
• Forceps (uterine grasping, teales vulsellum)
• Forceps (luer vullsellum single toothed)
• Uterine Sound (32cm x 5/6, malleable)
• 5 Swabs, gauze, x-ray, 10cm x 10cm, 32ply, white, 13 thread
• Speculum
• Scissors, metzenbaum, curved, 14cm
• Dilators from 1 to 10

Order details

Box of 10: JUNE5505

Cost per tray: £23 (Cost per box: £230)