Sterile, single use surgical retractor kit

Galaxy II

A modern, lightweight retractor designed for single hand adjustments, giving you control of your surgical field. Multiple frames and hooks to suit your preferences.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Mosaic Surgical LTD

Product details

  • Snowman and Square shape retractors
  • 8x stay hooks (5mm Sharp, 5mm Blunt or 12 mm Blunt)
  • 2 cathether clips for keeping the catheter out of the way (can be repositioned as needed)

QUALITY: Galaxy is the perfect assistant: strong, dependable, stays where you put it and doesn’t move.
ENVIRONMENT: 10% reduction in plastic waste. Manufactured in Britain. Minimal shipping. Single use. CE marked.
OPTIONS: Two shapes, three different types of stay hooks. Each retractor has 8 stays packed with it, and you get a catheter clip as well.
SAFETY: Single use, no contamination risks.

Each sterile kit comes complete with a ring, 8x stay hooks and 2x catheter clip. All packed in boxes of 10.

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In control of the surgical field
Galaxy II is suitable for any procedure where you want to have optimal control over the surgical field, with an unobstructed view. The 8 stays in the pack are there to help you quickly apply and readjust tension to keep the operating site clear for you to do your job.
Square or Snowman?
Gynaecologists and urologists tend to use Snowman, and colorectal, orthopaedics and ENT tend to use Square, but there are no rules. Both designs have our design protected cam-locks, allowing for simple one handed adjustment during the procedure. No more screws that come undone, fall on the floor or break off!

Our stays
• Sharp 5 mm
• Blunt 5 mm
• Blunt 12 mm
They are all the same length, but are useful for different types of tissue. They are tensile tested up to 16N, to ensure they can carry a load much higher than needed for your procedures.

Your choices
What shape and what sharpness of stay is very much a personal preference, and we continue to expand on the range. Solid manufacturing, no product gapping or clicking, you will feel in complete control of the procedure.

British made, AND at less cost
Our goal was to make a better designed device compared to others out there, with less environmental impact and at a lower unit cost for the NHS. It was important for us to produce in the UK, so Galaxy II is manufactured in Brighton.

Less plastic waste, meeting the waste reduction goal
Thanks to the smart design of the retractor ring, we have removed 10% of the plastic material and Galaxy II is meeting the waste reduction target for the NHS (-10%).

GALAXY help women; our charity plea
We have donated Galaxy retractors to the Fistula Foundation and Direct Relief for several years. We will continue to do what we can to help those who most need our support.

Galaxy II is the retractor of choice for many hospitals in the UK, with over 97% of surgeons saying they will switch after trying it!




JMUK-GX-002 brochure (pdf)



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