Uterine manipulation and dye testing (HSPG)

Atiomo DyeSeal

Product code: CW-1200 

The DyeSeal Uterine manipulator is a simple and easy way to both dye test tubal function and at the same time provide gentle uterine manipulation. 

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Manufacturer: Pennine Healthcare


Laparoscopy and dye test is a surgical procedure used to assess tubal patency in infertile women. It involves the injection of methylene blue dye into the uterus and fallopian tubes with a uterine cannula inserted through the cervix. Tubal patency is assessed by the visualisation of dye flowing out from the fimbrial ends of the fallopian tubes into the peritoneal cavity. There are two leading cannulae in current clinical use; the Spackman and the Leech Wilkinson, however both devices have problems. The Spackman uterine cannula is commonly associated with dye leakage around the cervix because of a poor cervical seal and while the Leech Wilkinson provides a satisfactory cervical seal, it is a poor uterine manipulator. Dye leakage results in the generation of insufficient intra-uterine pressure and could result in a false diagnosis of blocked tubes with significant clinical, financial and emotional consequences for patients and healthcare providers. For example expensive fertility treatment may be recommended.

As a solution, Mr William Atiomo (Consultant Gynaecologist), Mr David Laird (medical engineering unit, University of Nottingham) and Pennine Healthcare (Derby) have developed a novel uterine manipulator which provides a good cervical seal and excellent uterine manipulation.

The device is single use and made of plastic, which addresses concerns about infection risks with difficult sterilisation of hollow metal cannulae.

The new uterine manipulator has an inner hollow cannula within an outer cannula which has a proximal threaded acorn. The outer cannula can move axially up and down the length of the inner cannula. A safety feature of the device is a locking clip provided distal to the outer cannula to lock it in place once inserted into the uterine cavity to prevent uterine perforation from accidental distal slippage of the inner cannula into the uterus during dye hydrotubation. The inner cannula is inserted into the uterus and the outer cannula adjusted so that the threaded acorn seals the cervix.

Benefits of Atiomo-Dyeseal

  • Prevents the long standing problem of distal back flow of dye from the cervix during laparoscopy and dye test for infertility but also permits uterine manipulation in one instrument (not previously possible) saving time and costs
  • The potential risks of a false diagnosis of infertility are reduced
  • The length of the uterine portion of the device can be varied to fit the size of the uterus making surgery more effective

The overall shape of the Atiomo-DyeSeal™ overcomes the problems of existing devices to minimise dye leakage from the cervix whilst enabling uterine manipulation, therefore enabling testing for fallopian tube patency with one instrument.

• Sterile, Single use
• Cost effective
• No loose parts
• No reprocessing costs
• Reduces risk of contamination

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Dyeseal: CW-1200


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